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The EBA`s discussions focused on the financial challenges needed to cope with rising wages above minimum rates, as well as on lists, shift allowances and working hours. HACSU needs feedback from members on how best to reward shiftwork in the new company agreement – please contact your organiser Asha Riehl. The members of St Vincent`s Private have reached a new agreement that provides for salary increases of 3% per year on a four-year contract with no loss under the current conditions. Employees are invited to vote on the agreement just before it is submitted to the Fair Work Commission. This puts the union in a much stronger position to negotiate a fair deal for Mambourin employees that respects the important work of disability professionals. The Fair Work Board can also assist employers and employees in trade negotiations through its New Approaches program. Learn more about the new approaches on the Fair Work Board website. Download this notice here in PDF format to print and print it on your bulletin board at your workplace. Yooralla management has informed HACSU that it will cease negotiations on the ABE DSW and ask employees to vote on a new agreement shortly. HACSU members fight for better ABE Following yooralla`s proposed deal in May this year, HACSU members have identified a number of important concerns. Thanks to the strong and continuous campaign of HACSU members, we have managed to achieve a number of improvements, including: If a workplace has a registered agreement, the price does not apply.

However, last week, HACSU met with delegates and Annecto members to discuss the renegotiation of the Annecto Agreement, which expired in 2007. In preparation, HACSU will follow up on members` questions about overtime and employment contracts. A company agreement (EBA) is a legally binding agreement between management and employees negotiated by union members. However, while we must fight for the survival of community health, the simple fact is that negotiating a multi-company agreement that covers all health centers in the community is not good for allied health professionals or the community health sector. Therefore, VAHPA strives to negotiate individual company agreements in each individual community health center. However, employers and their representative, HIA, are steadfazed in their desire to negotiate a multi-company agreement, although, as the result for community health dentists shows (6 different company agreements), they cannot guarantee that this will be the end result of such negotiations. .